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I am a broken woman. My heart and soul have been broken into pieces. I might have put back the pieces together but the cracks and breaks will forever be there. Fragile and broken.

I come with trust issues, insecurities, my tendency to be too clingy, my constant need to be appreciated and be loved, my craving for attention, my baggages that only a strong man could help unload and carry. I need a strong man who can handle a broken woman like me.
It might be a heavy load to carry but in return that strong man can expect my love, care and respect. I can offer my time, my hopes and dreams, my generous and giving heart despite the cracks and breaks, my devotion and loyalty. He would get the attention from the sweet and affectionate person that I am and the constant appreciation for the courage to be with a broken woman like me.

We all come in with baggages in one form or another. We are all in need of someone who will help us carry and unload these baggages- our past, our fears, our experiences and together share new hopes and dreams for the future.



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