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I am because I am…

I may not be rich, the smartest or the most beautiful of them all but…

I am RICH…

in love from my family and the people who matters to me.

in friends maybe few but really true.

in compassion.

in patience.

in experiences, good and bad that have taught me and molded me to become the person I am today.

in blessings that I receive each and every day.

I am SMART because…

I know how to treat people with respect.

I know when and when not to say something.

I know how to encourage and uplift people up.

I know how to appreciate beauty around me.

I know how to be good at what I do and do more than what I have to.

I know how to accept criticism and handle them well.

I know how to learn from others,

I know how to be open to new ideas and be humble enough to accept them.

I know what to tell my children whenever they are good or bad and still make them feel loved.

I know how to be thankful for all the blessings that I receive.


because my eyes can see beauty and goodness in all things.

because my heart is full of love and kindness.

because my smile have endured struggle and pain.

because my hands have dried tears and helped someone in need.

because my arms have given hugs to ease the stress away.

because my lips has kissed the pain away.

because my knees can kneel down and pray.

because my body has gone through the pain of bringing out two wonderful human beings into this world.

I am because I am and

You are because You are.

The ME that I can offer.

Special in every single way.




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