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My journey has begun

I am starting this blog as a platform to vent out my thoughts, feelings and emotions as I go through my everyday life. You see, 10 months ago I discovered that my husband whom I was with for 16 years has been cheating on me for more than a year. It was a shock and I never saw it coming. I had no idea that it has been going on and how he was very much into that relationship. Anyway, I decided to leave him after several attempts of trying to make him come home. A lot of things happened in between and a lot of details I will not include but the bottom line is… I was hurt. I was torn into pieces. The life that I thought I would be living, the future I had pictured in my head all fell apart. The worst part is We had children who were as affected or maybe worst than I was.
Getting back into my feet wasn’t an easy ordeal. God was so good that He placed the right people at the right time to help me little by little get back up. I am still a work in progress, thus this blog. I have a long way to go. There was so much damage done to my self-esteem and self-worth. Devoting half of your life to one person then waking up one day losing all of that is very traumatizing. My world change 360 degrees.
After begging for my ex to come back despite of what he did for several times, it dawned on me one night that I shouldn’t be the one begging. As hard and painful as it is, I decided that I deserve better. Now this is where my long journey begins…


I am not a writer at all. I am doing this for myself only. By any chance you come across grammatical error, forgive me. Just read in between the lines, you’ll know what I’m trying to say.



2 thoughts on “My journey has begun

  1. Congratulations on your new blog and on the journey you are on in your life. I have been there. Six years ago I divorced my husband of 21 years after finding out he had been having an affair for nearly a year. Later I found out that he had many, many one-night-stands and rendezvous throughout our marriage, and 3 of what I’d call actual affairs. So, our entire marriage and life together was a lie. I just started my blog in July because I had such a hard transition in getting my bearings again.

    Like you, it was my faith that got me through. Keep up the good work of healing and making a new life for yourself and your children. You will find it was worth the struggle and the pain to become the beautiful, healthy woman you are becoming.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words of encouragement. Nothing could ever prepare you for what we have gone through. Little by little I see the light. God has been so good. God bless you!

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