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A whole lot of help

I was blessed to have friends who supported me and my kids especially when my family is so far away. Most of them saw and experienced first hand the pain and ordeal that I had to go through. I saw how God orchestrated everything so that me and my kids would feel loved and cared for.
A month before “it” happened, my best friend and I suddenly reconnected after 3 years of not seeing each other. What a coincidence right? But I knew God made it happen for a reason. She and another good friend really took their time to help me see the brighter side of things. Helped me feel beautiful again, helped me appreciate my self once more and helped me have fun and forget about the hurt and pain. I am still a whole lot of work in progress but they built the foundation.
We all saw each other on weekends, planned different things to do and had fun. It helped a lot especially during those times when the pain was so new and I was still in shock.
They made dating profiles for me, set me up on dates and all that stuff to keep my mind of the “ex”. It sure did its job!
Almost a year now into when I found out about the affair, I am still struggling with confidence, self-esteem and being alone. Even though I am dating, the insecurities I have in being in a relationship is haunting me all the time. The whole process is emotionally draining especially when you have children whom you have to show how strong you are. Life and all the responsibilities that was left for me to do on my own was and is overwhelming. I want to be a good mother to my children but I also want to be happy.
My journey is just starting. I know I would have a happy ending because I know we all deserve our happy endings…



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